Private Lives (October 1-17, 2009)

A Comedy by Noël Coward

Amanda and Elyot can’t live together and they can’t live apart. When they discover they are honeymooning in the same hotel with their new spouses, they not only fall in love all over again, they learn to hate each other all over again. A comedy with a dark underside, fireworks fly as each character yearns desperately for love.

“…[Noël] Coward is most seriously good when he is funniest.” – New York Times

Present Laughter (September 21 – October 7, 2006)

A Comedy by Noel Coward

“Sharp, withering and funny!” – N. Y. Times

In this daring comedy, Garry Essendine, an aging matinee idol and pampered actor, is busily making preparations for an extended tour. His apartment is invaded by Daphne, a beautiful but stage-struck youngster. When his entourage arrives, Garry is hard pressed to escape an embarrassing and easily misinterpreted situation. With typical Coward repartee and dazzling wit, he sidesteps complications and mounting confusion.

Fallen Angels (September 23 – October 9, 2004)

A Comedy by Noel Coward

An evening of sheer entertainment!

This is the Noel Coward of the 1930s at his inimitable best – gay, debonair, infinitely sophisticated! This style won him international reputation as the most successful purvery of high comedy in the present day theatre. The story is a frothy nothing, but Coward’s treatment of it is a continuously amusing two hours, highlighted by moments of insane hilarity! Julia and Jane, best friends and both happily married for five years, have both had brief premarital affairs with Maurice, a great French charmer. Now Maurice is visiting London and has asked to see them both. The husbands are away for a day of golf, and Julia and Jane nervously await Maurice’s call…

Hay Fever (September 20 – October 6, 2001)

A Comedy by Noel Coward

Coward at his hilarious and wicked best!

The Bliss family is ultra-Bohemian. Mother is a retired actress who makes a crisis out of every scene and father is a novelist. The daughter and son are attractive and ill-mannered. One weekend all announce they are expecting a guest; mother has invited an athletic youth who is in love with her; Sorel, a diplomat; Simon, an intense young woman; and David, a flapper type he is studying for a novel. The guests soon find themselves in the middle of mayhem and theatrics; and, although, for the family this is a way of life, for the guests it is utter bewilderment.