Summer and Smoke (November 19 – December 5, 2009)

A Drama by Tennessee Williams One of Williams’ most highly regarded works! The play is a simple love story between a somewhat puritanical young Southern girl and an unpuritanical young doctor. However, they find themselves caught between the dictates of their environments, and the dicatates of their hearts. “The innocent and the damned, the lonely and the frustrated, the hopeful … Continue reading

A Streetcar Named Desire (November 15 – December 1, 2007)

A Drama by Tennessee Williams “One of the greatest dramas in theatre, adored by audiences since its Broadway opening in 1949″ The play reveals to the very depths, the character of Blanche du Bois, a woman whose life has been undermined by her romantic illusions, which lead her to reject – so far as possible – the realities of life … Continue reading

The Glass Menagerie (January 15-31, 2004)

A Drama by Tennessee Williams One of the most famous plays of the modern theatre and a drama of great tenderness, charm and beauty! Amanda is a faded, tragic remnant of Southern gentility who lives in poverty in a dingy St. Louis apartment with her son, Tom and her daughter, Laura. Amanda strives to give meaning and direction to her … Continue reading

Sweet Bird of Youth (January 9-25, 2003)

A Drama by Tennessee Williams “Once again, a bolt of thunder has been hurled by Williams, and the theatre reverberates to its roar!” The Princess, an aging motion picture actress in flight from her latest screen disaster, picks up Chance Wayne, a young hustler. Taking advantage of her drunkenness, and his own youth and good looks he lures her to … Continue reading