A Flea In Her Ear (January 27 – February 12, 2005)

A Farce by George Feydeau, translated by John Mortimer

One of the funniest plays ever written!

Things begin to go awry when Victor Emmanuel Chandebise, a middle-class insurance salesman, becomes impotent, leading his wife, Raymonde, to assume that he has taken a mistress. To test his fidelity, she has her friend Lucille write an anonymous letter to Victor claiming to be infatuated with him and proposing a rendezvous at a notorious hotel. Thinking a mistake has been made, he sends his friend Tournel, a famous womanizer, to keep the appointment, after which the complications multiply uproariously! Things are somehow untangled and set right, but not until we have encountered several interesting characters all tumbled together in a medley of slamming doors, revolving beds, and wildly amiss gunshots – all of which leave audiences happily breathless from laughter!

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