An Italian Straw Hat (May 1-17, 2008)

A Musical Farce by Eugene Labiche and Marc-Michel translated by Lynn and Theodore Hoffmann

“Sight gags, clever word play, screwball comedy … and all embellished with song and dance!”

In this renowned comedy with songs in the French 19th century farcical vaudeville tradition, the hero, M. Fadinard, is about to get married when an attractive lady and her irate lover pop up. They announce that his horse has compromised her by eating her rare Italian straw showFive and that they will not leave the bridal chamber until Fadinard has produced an identical one. The mayhem that ensues – mistaken identities, characters hiding behind closed doors, and all the other devices of French farce – create an evening of unparalleled hilarity. And all embellished with song and dance!

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