The Aspern Papers (November 22 – December 8, 2001)

A Thriller by Michael Redgrave, from the story by Henry James

“Bewitching, tantalizing, exciting! A work of uncommon suspense and exceptional literary merit.” – New York Daily News

At the turn of the twentieth century, in a once-grand Venetian palazzo, live, in seculsion, an old woman and her niece. An American publisher asks to lease some rooms, his purpose to unearth the mystery of a brilliant author who once loved the aunt. The old lady curtly rejects all enquiries; when she finds him going through some papers he has discovered, she is seized with a stroke. The lonely niece pathetically proposes, but he rejects her when she says she has burned the papers! Her affections spurned, she locks herself up in the palazzo. But had she really burned the papers?