The Glass Menagerie (January 15-31, 2004)

A Drama by Tennessee Williams

One of the most famous plays of the modern theatre and a drama of great tenderness, charm and beauty! Amanda is a faded, tragic remnant of Southern gentility who lives in poverty in a dingy St. Louis apartment with her son, Tom and her daughter, Laura. Amanda strives to give meaning and direction to her life and the lives of her children, though her methods are ineffective and irritating. Tom, to escape his mother’s nagging, seeks solace in alcohol and the movies; Laura, crippled and insecure, withdraws more and more. The crux of the action comes when a nice, ordinary fellow is invited to dinner as a “gentlemen caller” for Laura. Laura’s world shines, but unfortunately only briefly. The world of illusion which Amanda and Laura have striven to create in order to make life bearable, collapses about them.

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