Anything to Declare? (May 18-27, 2017)

Anything to Declare? by Maurice Hennequin and Pierre Veber  

Translated and adapted by Greg Leaming

Paris, 1912. The well-to-do Dupont family is thrilled that their naïve young daughter has wed a wealthy count — until they learn that the marriage has yet to be consummated after more than a month! Given mere days to provide his incensed mother-in-law with the promise of a titled grandson, the Count is desperate — in more ways than one! In classic farcical style, and accompanied by a colourful cast of characters, including a philandering father-in-law, a lurking former suitor, a paintbrush-wielding courtesan and an itinerant camel-dealer, the clock ticks down, doors slam, identities are mistaken, and all hell breaks loose as the race to consummate the marriage catapults the action to — well, a climax! “Side-splittingly funny… From start to finish ANYTHING TO DECLARE?  had me giggling… a highly enjoyable evening.” ~ The Mancunian. You won’t want to miss this wildly hilarious French farce!

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