Born Yesterday (Nov 23 – Dec 2, 2017)

The second play, running between November 17 and December 2, 2017, will be the glorious classic of the American stage which enjoyed one of the longest runs in history, Born Yesterday by Garson Kanin. It has roles for 12 men and 5 women.

A Broadway triumph-turned-1950 Academy Award-nominated film, Born Yesterday is a deliciously witty screwball comedy about a corrupt businessman trying to get ahead. Harry Brock, a vulgar, egotistical junk-dealer millionaire on the rise, hunkers down in a lavishly decorated hotel room in Washington with his brassy chorus girl girlfriend Billie Dawn in tow. Hoping to influence a senator in some personal business dealings, he soon gets advice suggesting that the seemingly dim-witted blonde will need a little polish to get ahead in D.C. society. Brock hires a newspaperman for the task but gets more than he bargained for when, in a deliriously funny and romantic turn of events, he discovers a little bit of learning can be a dangerous thing. “Total comic bliss” said theNew York Times.

Born Yesterday premiered on Broadway in 1946, and seventy years later it still entertains and gently enlightens. Regardless of the time period, the play is far more relevant than you might think. It is about wealth, political corruption, education and opportunity. As the current political situation in the United States demonstrates, there is still plenty to say on these topics, and evidently Kanin felt the same way back in the forties. It has been revived successfully on Broadway several times.

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