Trap For A Lonely Man (Jan 25 – Feb 3, 2018)

Summed up as “a psychological thriller shrouded in mystery, a tortuous plot and a killer twist at the end!” Trap For A Lonely Man (original French title Piege pour un homme seul) by Robert Thomas translated by Lucienne Hill and John Sutro will play from January 21 to February 3, 2018. It would undoubtedly be more famous had Alfred Hitchcock lived longer – it was in the pipeline to be filmed by him for Twentieth Century-Fox, with a cast of international stars.

After having reported his wife’s disappearance to the police, Daniel Corban is visited by a young priest who claims he has found Madam Corban alive and well. When Daniel meets the woman claiming to be his wife, he is outraged to discover that he has never seen her before. It becomes increasingly apparent to Daniel that he is facing some sort of conspiracy, as various witnesses declare that she is indeed the Madam Corban they have seen happily ensconced in the chalet with Daniel before her disappearance occurred. When the police fail to believe his story, he can only conclude that they are trying to drive him mad — or worse still, drive him to his death. Just who is telling the truth and to what lengths can a person go to distort the facts?

The play was seen in London and on Broadway, but has enjoyed success over the years with community theatre productions. The Camden News described it as “A rollercoaster of intrigue and suspense.” I hope SCP audiences will feel the same way. ~ Camden News.

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