Camelot (May 3-19, 2001)

A Musical with music by Frederick Loewe,book and lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner [fbphotos id=491724570869090 limit=5 rand=1]  The entire community of Camelot awaits the arrival of Guenevere, King Arthur of England’s future Queen. Away from the crowds, the two accidentally meet in the forest and are instantly charmed with each other. Five years pass, and the King has instituted the Round … Continue reading

Nightwatch (March 1-17, 2001)

A Suspense by Lucille Fletcher “A most superior thriller…which from its first blood-curdling scream to its last charming surprise is a first-class example of its genre.” – New York Times. [fbphotos id=491776674197213 limit=5 rand=1]  Unable to sleep, a woman paces her Manhattan townhouse, troubled by unsettling memories and vague fears. Her husband tries to comfort her, but when he steps … Continue reading

The Royal Family (January 11-27, 2001)

A Comedy by George S. Kaufman and Edna Ferber [fbphotos id=491779130863634 limit=5 rand=1] At the time of a paralyzing drought in the American West, we discover a girl whose father and two brothers are worried as much about her becoming an old maid as they are about their dying cattle. Every possible scheme to marry her off is without success. … Continue reading

A Man For All Seasons (November 9-25, 2000)

A Drama by Robert Bolt [fbphotos id=491780030863544 limit=5 rand=1] Garlands of awards and critical praise greeted this long-run success in both New York and London. The play is the story of Sir Thomas More in his last years as Lord Chancellor of England during the reign of Henry the Eighth. When Henry failed to obtain from the Pope a divorce … Continue reading

Habeus Corpus (September 21 – October 7, 2000)

A Farce by Alan Bennett. “A parade of wit” – New York Times. “A marvellous freaky farce…rowdy and ribald” – NBC. [fbphotos id=491780700863477 limit=5 rand=1]  From the pen of Alan Bennett, who last season gave us the brilliant The Madness of George III, comes this gorgeously vulgar farce that is a downright celebration of sex and the human body. In … Continue reading