A Man For All Seasons (November 9-25, 2000)

A Drama by Robert Bolt

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Garlands of awards and critical praise greeted this long-run success in both New York and London. The play is the story of Sir Thomas More in his last years as Lord Chancellor of England during the reign of Henry the Eighth. When Henry failed to obtain from the Pope a divorce from Catharine of Aragon to marry Ann Boleyn, he rebelled by requiring his subjects to sign an act making him both temporal and spiritual leader of England. More could not in conscience comply. He resisted anything heroic; he wanted only to maintain his integrity and belief in silence. This was treason, and his very silence led him to his death! A Man For All Seasons is the ageless and inspiring echo of the same voice that calls to us: “To thine own self be true”.


Scott Griffin
The Common Man

Edward Karek
Master Richard Rich

Rita Lynham
Lady Alice More

Gerard O’Neill
Cardinal Wolsey

J. B. Pierre Rajotte
Signor Chapuys

John Ignatowicz
William Roper

Valerie Thomas
A Woman

Brian Kipping
Sir Thomas More

Alan Washbrook
Duke of Norfolk

Laura Robitaille
Lady Margaret More

George Bertwell
Thomas Cromwell

Alex Nicolaidis
Chapuys’ Attendant

Michael Savage
King Henry the 8th

Lawrence Stevenson
Archbishop Thomas Cranmer