Wait Until Dark (May 7-23, 2009)

A Thriller by Frederick Knott

“…a first rate shocker…the suspense drama we’ve long awaited eagerly.” – New York Post

“As directed by L. Garth Allen, the play scales one rising line of tension until the shocking climatic scene.” – North York Mirror

A masterfully constructed thriller that moves from one moment of suspense to another as it builds toward an electrifying, breath-stopping final scene. A tense thriller in which a blind girl, alone in a Greenwich Village apartment, is stalked by vicious drug smugglers. A startling shocker even as the curtain falls.

The Seagull (March 12-28, 2009)

A Comedy by Anton Chekhov adapted by Jean-Claude van Itallie

“It is sublimely understood Chekov…an event and a thrilling one.” – New York Post

“[Your] theatre troupe is always better than professional.” (D.M. —Toronto, ON)

The Seagull, a work that the author himself claimed contained “five tons of love”, is a play about a very human tendency to reject love that is freely given and seek it where it is withheld. Many of its characters are caught in a destructive, triangular relationship that evokes both pathos and humor. What the characters cannot successfully parry is the destructive force of time, the passage of which robs some, like famous actress Madame Arkadina, of beauty, and others, like her sensitive would-be-writer son Konstantine, of hope.

The School For Wives (January 15-31, 2009)

A Comedy by Molière translated by Richard Wilbur

“…the perfect antidote to a dreary and cold winter’s night!” (P.L. —Whitby, ON)

“…a thing of joy…a carefree, happy and sparkling romp to be seen and enjoyed by young and old alike.” – New York Newsday

Arnolphe has trained Agnes since childhood to be his wife, teaching her only to sew, pray, and serve him. But as their wedding approaches his plan goes ridiculously awry; Agnes is so innocent she doesn’t know better than to fall in love—with someone else. A frothy, hilarious take on love and marriage, this classic farce will tickle every funny bone in your body.

Hedda Gabler (November 13-29, 2008)

A Drama by Henrik Ibsen adapted by Jon Robin Baitz

“…when else have you seen a Hedda Gabler that moved with such compelling force and fluency…? Baitz’s loosened-up, colloquial translation is perfect…” – New York Times

The aristocratic daughter of the legendary General Gabler returns from her honeymoon as the bride of academic but ineffectual George Tesman to face a precarious social position and a shadowy figure from her checkered past. The danger of her situation and growing dissatisfaction with her marriage leads the headstrong Hedda Gabler to wreak confusion and despair upon all who cross her in her increasingly desperate attempt to escape.

California Suite (September 25 – October 11, 2008)

A Comedy by Neil Simon

“…Neil Simon in top form…” – New York Times

The laughs are abundant in this play by one of the masters of American comedy. California Suite is a classic Neil Simon comedy which takes place at the Beverly Hills Hotel during the weekend of the Academy Awards celebration and follows the misadventures of four groups of guests, including a divorced couple battling over the custody of their daughter, a husband who gets caught with a hooker in his room by his wife, a British actress nominated for an Oscar and her straying gay husband and two competing doctors and their wives forced to share a hotel room.