The Seagull (March 12-28, 2009)

A Comedy by Anton Chekhov adapted by Jean-Claude van Itallie

“It is sublimely understood Chekov…an event and a thrilling one.” – New York Post

“[Your] theatre troupe is always better than professional.” (D.M. —Toronto, ON)

The Seagull, a work that the author himself claimed contained “five tons of love”, is a play about a very human tendency to reject love that is freely given and seek it where it is withheld. Many of its characters are caught in a destructive, triangular relationship that evokes both pathos and humor. What the characters cannot successfully parry is the destructive force of time, the passage of which robs some, like famous actress Madame Arkadina, of beauty, and others, like her sensitive would-be-writer son Konstantine, of hope.

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